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ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising Sailing Class
This class is a 2-1/2 day class. It is generally conducted over a Fri, Sat, and Sun but the schedule can vary however, all classes will start at noon on the first day. The skill set taught at this level centers around the student learning how to sail in regional waters in moderate sea conditions during the daytime. You'd be surprised how fast things happen on a sailboat. The student must learn to be aware of the current conditions and think ahead of the boat to plan and organize your crew. All that plus navigate and keep a situational awareness about them.
We start with an all afternoon review of 103 materials. Please study a little prior to class. After the review and partial testing you'l retire to the training vessel. Assign berths and introduce you to the necessary boat systems. You'll spend two nights aboard, one night while in home port and the other either at anchor or in a marina, (this is mosquito and weather dependent). Mornings are for planning, weather check, and navigation. Class ends at 1700, (5:00 PM) on the evening of the third day.

Day 1
School begins on the first day at noon in our classroom. The class then begins a review of the Basic Coastal Cruising elements. Next, a quick introduction to your new home for 2 nights and 3 days accompanied by an intro to boat systems.

Day 2
We begin with a classroom session at 0900. Then a review and the class plans a trip to a destination. We depart around 1200 after lunch break, for a day of required exercises, drills and reviews. If time permits, we'll make another port or return to home port.

Day 3
On the last day we complete written testing. The class priorities become a review of skills that are not yet clearly understood: perhaps its reefing underway, heaving to, or developing a smooth jibe. In addition we give the students a more difficult navigation problem. If all goes well the students are basically in charge of the vessel. They make all decisions regarding: weather, sail plan, navigation etc. Its your chance to practise the new skill set. We'll arrive back in Corpus Christi around 1600. We'll clean up the boat and sign logs books. It was a good sail.

During the class you will practise, discuss and demonstrate skills such as:

The skills go on, we'll give you as many as you can absorb.

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